At Central Victorian Sports Physiotherapy, all of our standard assessment and treatment appointments are 30 minutes duration. This typically allows your treating therapist to provide an accurate clinical diagnosis and commence treatment at your first visit.

If a subsequent appointment is necessary, we will spend time re-assessing the effect of the previous session on your symptoms, and use our clinical reasoning skills to make appropriate adjustments to the treatment plan if needed.

We want to work with you to achieve the best possible outcome, utilising our skills to facilitate this.

If we recognise a problem beyond our level of training requiring further investigation or definitive treatment, we are quick to refer on to an appropriate practitioner. This may be for scans to allow accurate definition of your injury and efficient treatment planning, or to another medical practitioner if other intervention is necessary. Our professional network includes specialist physiotherapists, sports medicine physicians and orthopaedic surgeons both in Bendigo and Melbourne who can help you if we cant!

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